Undying_War on Chatzy

Undying_War: Sometimes… 2:33 AM

Undying_War: I wonder… 2:33 AM

Undying_War: …. What.. really goes on… 2:35 AM

Undying_War: .. In that head of yours….. 2:36 AM

Undying_War: I know why people believe in God. 2:39 AM

Undying_War: Because when all are gone… there is nothing left. 2:40 AM

Undying_War: And that nothingness… is too much.. 2:43 AM

Undying_War: So they create imaginary figment’s. 2:44 AM

Undying_War: “Something is better than nothing.” 2:45 AM

Undying_War: Does that include when that “something” is more damaging than the Nothingness?


Little Sad Poem

I can’t let my hate go.

It’s all that’s left, all I’ve ever know.

It keeps me going, while I lick my wounds.

I’m too coward to let my guard down, especially around you.

I’m too weak to forgive, even if it would set me free.

Too tainted to get back what has been lost, it’s just a ghost of what I had painted.

And worst of all; I’m too afraid to show myself to you.