Undying_War on Chatzy

Undying_War: Sometimes… 2:33 AM

Undying_War: I wonder… 2:33 AM

Undying_War: …. What.. really goes on… 2:35 AM

Undying_War: .. In that head of yours….. 2:36 AM

Undying_War: I know why people believe in God. 2:39 AM

Undying_War: Because when all are gone… there is nothing left. 2:40 AM

Undying_War: And that nothingness… is too much.. 2:43 AM

Undying_War: So they create imaginary figment’s. 2:44 AM

Undying_War: “Something is better than nothing.” 2:45 AM

Undying_War: Does that include when that “something” is more damaging than the Nothingness?


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