What You Don’t Know

What you don’t know is that I feel pain in ways that you cannot seem to be able fathom.

I understand the unwanted and abused.
I understand the victims and I understand the bullies.

I’m from both lands.
But let’s get this one thing straight, you don’t know shit about me.

You know what I want you to think you know and that’s it.
Do not pretend to perceive that which is not there.


Two Poems in One

I find myself wondering where our life goes,

We hide and lie about what we have deep down inside,
It sickens us and twists us into shapes so atrocious,

A tainted razor seems to hold the key,

Just another another self deceit,
A silly fake cheat.


I wake up at night remembering the horrors of childhood,

Father likes to bend our naked bodies over his knees,
He wears nothing but boxers and a dictated smile on his face,

Mother isn’t ever there; lost in her own prayer,

It’s not the pain that hurts,
But how father looks at us,

I see a gleam in his eye and it gives me chills,

Here it comes again; he likes to pretend I’m his girlfriend,
I’m done, I’m spent, he’s going to get it,

Death is the only thing that awaits him, no love, just a pool of his blood.