Input Something Purple Here.

I’ve written my poetry and they all sound the same. Oh woe is me and help me that but what exactly is that accomplishing?
A small fleeting moment to feel good? “Oh wow, yay, I actually did something today. Took SOOO much energy.”
Like, come on, this shit aint original. It’s all the same crap said differently, but the meaning and context is the same.
I do it and think I’m so unique, but really I’m not. Fuck, this shit I’m saying now has probably already been said.
So how bout I stop doing the copies of others and you and I both start being original. Cause this shit’s boring and depressing as fuck.

And with that, Happy belated Easter and April Fools day.
Hope you have a good summer.

(Anime girl represent the “Yeah, let’s not be sheeple.” Type of blunt look you’d give someone.)


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