Two Poems in One

I find myself wondering where our life goes,

We hide and lie about what we have deep down inside,
It sickens us and twists us into shapes so atrocious,

A tainted razor seems to hold the key,

Just another another self deceit,
A silly fake cheat.


I wake up at night remembering the horrors of childhood,

Father likes to bend our naked bodies over his knees,
He wears nothing but boxers and a dictated smile on his face,

Mother isn’t ever there; lost in her own prayer,

It’s not the pain that hurts,
But how father looks at us,

I see a gleam in his eye and it gives me chills,

Here it comes again; he likes to pretend I’m his girlfriend,
I’m done, I’m spent, he’s going to get it,

Death is the only thing that awaits him, no love, just a pool of his blood.


Undying_War on Chatzy

Undying_War: Sometimes… 2:33 AM

Undying_War: I wonder… 2:33 AM

Undying_War: …. What.. really goes on… 2:35 AM

Undying_War: .. In that head of yours….. 2:36 AM

Undying_War: I know why people believe in God. 2:39 AM

Undying_War: Because when all are gone… there is nothing left. 2:40 AM

Undying_War: And that nothingness… is too much.. 2:43 AM

Undying_War: So they create imaginary figment’s. 2:44 AM

Undying_War: “Something is better than nothing.” 2:45 AM

Undying_War: Does that include when that “something” is more damaging than the Nothingness?

Little Sad Poem

I can’t let my hate go.

It’s all that’s left, all I’ve ever know.

It keeps me going, while I lick my wounds.

I’m too coward to let my guard down, especially around you.

I’m too weak to forgive, even if it would set me free.

Too tainted to get back what has been lost, it’s just a ghost of what I had painted.

And worst of all; I’m too afraid to show myself to you.

Her Lost Soul

Her life is gone.
Her hope in shambles.
Her dreams have crumbled.

What is there to say?
Not much, I’m afraid.
It’s a bitter death to a harsh growth.

Left abandoned by her supposed friends.
Left hanging onto nothing, drifting to and fro.
Left crying in a corner, invisible to the world.

She thought this was it,
Where she could find some friends.
But always it’s a lie, another stumbling block.

There’s not a drop of life in her.
There’s not a hope to be found.
There’s not a dream to be spared.


The night was young. And so was he.

We started out playing. Just the small things.

But as we became familiar, the lust grew.

I crave him so much. I see his hunger in his eyes.

The night comes as we watch a movie together.

Not knowing what will come of it.

He sits to the left of me, I to his right.

I put my feet on his lap, he rubs my legs.

I feel flushed and I giggle. He tightens his grip.

I put my feet in his face at that moment.

He grabs my legs and pulls me to him.

I’m sitting on his lap now, barely breathing.

I feel so light headed as he kisses my lips.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders and press my body against his.

I feel his member rise up. I let out a soft moan.

His lips travel to my neck and shoulders, leaving fire in their wake.

He sucks and bites my skin, making me gasp with pleasure.

I grasp his shirt and pull it off.

“Easy there..” is his response.

Yet his erection hardens even more.

His fingers tingle their way up my spine.

“Just take my shirt off already.” I whine.

He looks at me with those deep navy blue eyes, his smile a twist of naughty.

“What and miss out on you begging? I think not.”

I begin to pull my shirt off myself, but he stops me by grabbing my wrists.

He slams my body against the couch.

His lips kiss my throat and reach my ear, he whispers.

“You’re not going to get me that easily.”

I try to object, yet his lips are pressed hard against mine.

I moan and clasp my legs around him.

He grinds on me and raises my shirt to my breasts.

Lowering himself, he leads into a series of hot kisses up and down my belly.

I rake my hands across his back, drawing up blood and he groans.

He reaches up to my lips again, forcing his tongue in my mouth.

Entangling my hands in his hair I tug him closer.

He returns to taking my shirt off.

“So…” he hints “What should I do next?”

“Take my bra off.”

His hands enveloped me into a hug and he sits me on his lap again.

He unclasps my bra, letting it fall off.

He tilts backwards taking my breasts in.

My bodice quivers and I bite my lip, I hope he’s pleased.

He meets my nervous eyes.

I can barely hear him.

“You’re beautiful.”

His lips are on me again, kissing everywhere.

I want him so bad, I feel crazed with my fever for him.

He cups my breasts brushing his lips against my nipples.

I reach for him, yet again he holds me back.

“I told you, you’re mine. I’ll play with you how I want.”

“Please, I can’t.. it’s too much. I need it, I need you.”

His voice softens and he licks my nipple, standing it up.

Moving to my other, he is not as slow to suckle them.

I unbutton his pants, this time he doesn’t stop me.

When I undo his pants he turns us around.

Now I’m on-top of him.

I feel his shaft swelling even more.

It’s my turn to tease him.

I lick my way down his stomach to where he is hard.

I hear a low moan.

After taking off his pants and boxers.

I look up at him, and blow gently across his hardness.

Looking at me he says

“That’s the wrong kind of blowing me.”

I can’t help it. I burst into attacks of laughter.

The sexual attention leaving my body and his.

We sit there laughing. I shed tears that I’m laughing so hard.

He hugs me and says “It’s okay.”

“Are you sure? I’m sorry for laughing.”

“Don’t be, it was funny. And yeah, I’m okay with it.”

He kisses my cheek and holds me tighter.

“There will always be another night.”

I sigh and melt into his arms.

This is the man I love so much.