As To What Do I Owe The Displeasure Of My Boredom

Sitting here bored and still awake. Got nothing to do.

Who can I blame that on?

I’m going to go with the time of day.. oh wait… night.
I’m going to blame it on the time of night it is.
Because no one’s up and about at… 3:14am.
Yes, that’s night, until the Sun comes up, for me.

And my mom for drinking coffee when pregnant with me.

To that jet lag I had when I was twelve.

To the peacefulness that night brings and the chaos that day brings.

I’m going to give a shout out to my cat.
Because.. shit I forgot what I was gonna say.

I’m going to blame this blue velvet cake that I ate. No shit dude, blue velvet cake.
And no…. my shit wasn’t blue, it was algae green.
Pun intended? Maybe.
What’s a pun? Anyone know? I’m just using it cause it sounds good.
Pun… rhymes with bun…. honeybuns. Now I want some.

I think I shall blame my alarm clock that I set an hour ahead.

I’ll blame the internet because it’s addicting and I’m like “just this last bit of YouTube”.

And lastly I will acknowledge that all of this is my doing but I’m not to blame.
(Hypocrite much? Yes. Yes I am. Can you admit to it too?)


Two Poems in One

I find myself wondering where our life goes,

We hide and lie about what we have deep down inside,
It sickens us and twists us into shapes so atrocious,

A tainted razor seems to hold the key,

Just another another self deceit,
A silly fake cheat.


I wake up at night remembering the horrors of childhood,

Father likes to bend our naked bodies over his knees,
He wears nothing but boxers and a dictated smile on his face,

Mother isn’t ever there; lost in her own prayer,

It’s not the pain that hurts,
But how father looks at us,

I see a gleam in his eye and it gives me chills,

Here it comes again; he likes to pretend I’m his girlfriend,
I’m done, I’m spent, he’s going to get it,

Death is the only thing that awaits him, no love, just a pool of his blood.