What up, buttercup?

  Hey, I’m Amy Kay or Akay or Unslain_Dragon or Undying_War or Knight, Mars, Xena, a bunch of other names I’ve gone by or whatever you feel chill with.

I’m everything and nothing. I’m usually depressed, it’s my forte.

  I’m in college now. It’s sooo hard, my journal/poem/blog-thingie called ….”The Pain” I wrote that because I was becoming too stressed at school, with family, with friends, and life. It all piled on top of one another until my emotional jar exploded, pouring out all those feelings that I’ve tried to bury. And when that happens.. I cut myself, to release it all.

  P.S. If you would like to know more on how I feel and people like me, read the book “Rage” by Jackie Morse Kessler http://www.jackiemorsekessler.com/books/ It’s like this book that is about a girl who feels like I do a lot of the times.. I mean, she is like the essence of Rage and ends up being War. One of the 4 riders of the apocalypse.

War is undying, btw. So like my username is always Unslain_Dragon, but of late has been Undying_War
Oh, hey! Any tips on how I can improve my blog-site-thingie, let me know! Please! = ^_^ =


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